TeedUp the sports motivation app

Are you looking for a sports coach or a sports partner ? Teed Up offers you the chance to meet sports enthusiasts in your area and practice your favorite activities together. Participate and win rewards!

TeedUp: Sports events to boost your life and motivate you!

A multitude of possibilities for your sporting events

The aim of our application is to enable anyone to practice the sport they love with someone! No more hiking alone, or negotiating with your father to play table tennis with you. With Teed Up, the sports dating app, you’ll have no trouble finding your ideal partner.

Our aim is to bring together a community of sports enthusiasts in different cities, of different ages and at different levels. So you can share your passion for sports with members who share the same goals! Teed Up wants to convey a message of mutual help, solidarity and sharing. Before you meet someone who practices the same sport as you and who will become your sporting partner, you meet a human being with strong values, who could become a friend, a comrade or simply an acquaintance.


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Whatever your sport

Running, weight training, golf, volleyball and many other activities, Teed Up offers you the chance to meet other sportsmen and women for free, and share a game or a moment together. Whatever your activity, Teed Up offers meetings in 15 categories covering 90 disciplines, so you can share your favorite activities as well as discover new ones!

Wherever you are, it’s easy to find a sporting partner

Teed Up is a sports dating application available everywhere in France, wherever you are! You’ll also find a host of coaches available for one-on-one or group sessions.


A free, easy-to-use sports app


On your Teed Up profile page, you can highlight your favorite sporting activities. You can specify your favorite places to practice, such as the gym where you’re most at home, but also the equipment you have. This way, members with more or less equipment will have an interest in joining you.

You can propose a sports meetUp to the community. For example, an outdoor yoga session in a park. Thanks to geolocation, you can find out who has the same sporting affinities as you, wherever you are.

For even better sports matching, you can specify your level: beginner, amateur, semi-pro, pro, champion and legend. You can also add a recurrence to your meetUp, if you’d like to do it every Sunday, for example.

For added motivation, we’ve set up a rewards system to offer you discounts with our partners.

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TeedUp in pictures

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TeedUp gives you access to qualified coaches who are experts in boxing, fitness, tennis, yoga…

Want to go further? Our sports dating application can help you find the right sports coach for you. In fact, finding the ideal personal trainer can be complicated, which is why TeedUp lists certified sports coaches and experts in yoga, climbing and hiking.

Would you like to offer your own sports coaching services? We can !

Find out more by downloading our sports app, available on the App Store and PlayStore.

Our Teeders love the app !

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If you want to work out and stop waiting for your lazy friends, this is the application for you... Very easy to use and very useful.
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Thanks to TeedUp for this great application, I've been using it daily since I downloaded it. It allows me to practice new sports and meet new people who enrich my skills in different sports. The application is very complete, well thought-out and easy to use. In short, I recommend it 100%. See you soon on TeedUp.
Une appli utile !
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Great app that helped me overcome my shyness and meet a group of runners easily when I moved into my new neighborhood! Thanks to these new encounters, I'm discovering new running circuits and I'm motivated when I don't feel like going out by the strength of the group. What's more, the app's interface is top-notch! Thanks TeedUp!
A télécharger !
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Au top! An application that lets you meet new sports enthusiasts at any level, at any time and just about anywhere. It's also a great way to discover new disciplines, while being motivated by contact with other people. It's really easy to communicate with others and achieve your own goals. In short: sport from a new angle.
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Intéressant pour les coachs
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A really interesting way to develop your business. Whether for coaches or individuals, being able to find people to train with is a great way to get back into sports! Top app
Coaching sportif surf
Facile à utiliser !
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I reopened the app a few days ago and was amazed to see the changes. There are even more free features like messaging... It's just great for dating, sports and bonding! Can't wait to see what's next! It looks promising